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Serbia is a country of many beauties, even though amny of our mountains are urbanized, there are still some that are intacked which will fascinate you with their beauty. If you decide to travel to this mountain, then the safest and the cheapest way of travel is by minibus with a driver. This way of traveling is especially acceptionable if many people are traveling in same time.

Tara – mountain with exeptional natural beauty

One of the most beautifult mountains that are still intacked is Tara. Ocated in the western part of our country, not far from a wonderful town of Bajina Basta. This mountain has a lot to offer especially for people that want to go far away from city and all that noise. Average altitude is about 1200 meters. The lowest point of Tara is at the hight of 291 meter which is where the hidroplant and a beautiful lake Perucac are located. The peak of the mountain stands 1591 meters tall and is called Koziji rid. Tara has a great potential when it comes to tourism because it has a lot to offer because of its surroundings which is a mirror of old Serbian culture. Because of this, it was granted a status of National park.

Ideal for skiing, hiking and cycling

Here, you will have more then enough things to do, regardless of the time of the year. During winter, this mountain has great slopes for skiing either you are a beginner or a professional. Tara is te right place for sledding or Nordic skiing. Here are a lot of sli tracks which will satisfy your every need. If you are ski lover, then the region around Predos cross, with track length of 3-5 kilometers is a place where you will be able to enjoy this great sport.
Besides winter sports, tara has a lot more to offer. There are long walks along forest tracks, horseback riding, any other sport as well as many trim tracks for lover of running and jogging. In early spring there are a lot of turist places you have to visit.

National park Tara

It is considered that mountain Tara is part of what once was a Panonic sea. Because of its climate and remoteness, Tara saved many almost extinct species of plants, the most famous being Pancics omorika. Here lives 53 species of mamals, of which, the most curious are black bears, mountain goats. Next to them is a plarge number of birds, 130 species, of which the most attractive are eagles and hawks. Right here, on this mountain, grows one of the most poisonous mushrooms in Europe, famous Zelena pupavka (Amanita phalloides). Next to her, there is a vast numver of eatable mushrooms and people often come here to search for mashrooms. Also, for fishing lovers, this is paradise. Relax and enjoy the sounds of nature which you are only able to hear on this mountain.

Transportation from Belgrade to Tara

Tara is just 180 kilometers away from Belgrade. In ideal weather conditions the journey shouldn’t last more then 3 hours. However, whet you are travelling during winter, due to snow and bad driving conditions, journey can take longer then expected. For a trip to the mountain, you’ll need more then just a car. You need complete winter gear, good tires, and all that won’t help you if you don’t have enough experience. If you don’t want to risk getting in an accident and if you want to realx completely, then you need a professional. Renting a car or a minibus with a professional driver is a perfect way to travel when going to vacation.

Where to go once there?

Depending how much time you have, organize it and you will enjoy every single minute

Monk swamps- the most popular tourist destination on Tara

They are located on the south-east part of Tara, about 16 kilometers away from Bajina Basta. This place is the first place the tourists usualy visit. Today, here are some of the most popular hotels located on Tara, Omorika, Beli dvor and Javor. Every year, these hotels give away youthful energy as many kids come with schools to spend their winter here.
Exept a beautiful ski track there is a great sledding track as well as horse farm so kids have the opportunity to learn how to ride a horse. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit ethno village ‘Brvnare na Tari’, as well as Monastery complexes.

Mitrovac on Tara

This palce is 25 kilometers away from Bajina Basta, on the way to Zaovine. It has the most sunny days in a year. There are ski tracks, a century old pine forest and don’t miss the opportunity to check Goat rocks and Carpet meadows. Next to Mitrovac is enchanting lake Zaovine, which is great for both fishing and swimming.

Monastery Raca – Nemanjic family foundation

This medieval monastery got its name because of the rsmall river that is passing next this estate. Moastery is the oundation of king Dragutin Nemanjic. This monastery is known as the place where we kept our most precious book during WWII – Miroslavljevo gospel. For hiking lovers, there is a track that is 2 kilometers long and leads to creek of Ladjevac.

Bajina Basta- mix of wild nature and nice people

At the bottom of the mountain is a small but beautiful city of Bajina Basta. If you ever go to tara, don’t miss the opportunity to check this cozy town. Through the city, river Drina is carving her way through not so bussy streets. City is known for the hydroelectric power plant that is charging that entire region of our country. During summer, a lot of people come here to see the famous Drina house that circled the world because of it looks. There is also famous regatta of Drinawhich is draditionaly held in june.

Excursion on the Mokra Gora and ride in Sargan eight

Through Mokra Gora is riding a famous mini train named ‘Cira’, and ride lasts for about two and a half hours. Train, with its vintage looks enchants everyone who sees it. During this ride you will go through wilderness, tunnels, and you’ll smell fresh pines and air. You must go in this mini trip.

Famous Mecavnik and Drvengrad

Mini ethno village is located on the hill known as Mecavnik. This little wooden town was built by our famous director Emir Kusturica. Series of small wooden houses which were brought here from different parts of Serbia and Republika Srpska, is something you can’t see on any other mountain. Besides that, here is a small wooden church dedicated to our biggest saint, Sveti Sava.
So you can successfully visit all these places without any difficulties, te best solution is to rent a minibus with a driver. You just have to tell your driver where you want to go that day and he will get you there without any complications. To the experienced driver, it won’t be an issue to drive you safely to any destination regardless of weather conditions. Plus, driver will wait for you to finish your tour so he will get you back safely.
Detour of all of these destinations is just a part of this beautiful mountain. And when you think that you visited everythink, you’ll look back and see that you missed so much. You will always want to come backto this mountain. And one thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

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