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When you get tired of you tight schedule and you responisibilities, the best way to ‘recharge’ is to travel somewhere nice. Serbia is a country that has many beautiful resorts and mountains. Among other mountains, stands Kopaonik which has a title of being the best and the most beautiful vacation destination.

How to travel from Belgrade to Kopaonik?

Kopaonik is placed in central Serbia. Distance from Belgrade to Kopaonik is about 279 kilometers and there are two ways to reach this beautiful mountain.
The first and the shortest route leads across Brus, and journey is about 4 hours long. The second route is the one across Josanicka banja and its somewhat longer so it takes 5 hours to reach Kopaonik.
During winter, the first road is often covered in snow so drivers tend to take a longer and slower route across Josanicka banja. If you decide to go to Kopaonik be sure to have you winter gear with you. If you aren’t sure of your car or if you are unexperienced driver, there is a safe way to travel to this fantastic mountain. Minibus ride is something we offer 24/7. Trevel care free and safe using rented vehicle with a driver that is always on your service.

What do you need to know about the ‘roof of Serbia’ or Kopaonik?

Kopaonik is the most famous travel destination in Serbia. The peak of this mountain is Pancicev vrh that stands 2017 meters tall. The highest flat surface on Kopaonik is known as ‘roof of Serbia’ or Flat Kopaonik. Right there, the biggest resort is built. Here you have a loot of hotels, appartments, mountain homes so everyone can afford staying here. Besides that, there is extra content, sport centers, gyms,pools, many restaurants, theatre, but also night clubs which work until morning. Given that the highest number of people come here for skiing, here are many ski tracks and some even open at night so you can try something new, night skiing.

Why Kopaonik?

This mountain is a destination of many domestic and foreign tourists. Because of it’s beauty, it became a National reserve. Here lives many different species of plants and animals which are protected by law. Besides that, Kopaonik is specific because of it’s geological build with rocks originating from different period and many have different composition.
Kopaonik offers it’s visitors many activities, from Alpic and Nordic skiing and other winter sports such as snowboarding, parasailing and mountain climbing, to some more leisure activites, such as hiking or cycling on tracks that already exist.
Besides these activities, Kopaonik is often a place where people organize many other activities suck as classes of horseback riding, tenis classes as well as many different activities for kids, such as English camps, boy scouts, camps for weight loss, surviving in nature so on.
Because of its specific climate, Which gives Kopaonik more than 200 sunny days a year, Kopaonik was given nickname ‘Mountain of Sun’.

What to visit once you are there?

Kopaonik is a mountain that has so much to offer. Depending on your time, organize your stay on Kopaonik. Once there you can take many excurions such as one to the Djordjov most which is placed just 4 kilometers from Josanicka banja. This place is a real air spa, nature there is untacked so it’s a great plase to relax and enjoy. There is also Kozija glava and Kadijevac. Because of its dense coniferous forests these places are one of the most attractive places to visit on Kopaonik.

Historic places on Kopaonik

Pancics mausoleum

Pancics mausoleum is a place you have to visit if you are on Kopaonik. It is placed at the hight of 2000 meters. Mausoleum got its name from our famous botanist Josif Pancic. During the bombing of 1999 this building was damaged. When reconstructing, they used the same stone as when it was first built so the building looks th same as before.

Sky chairs – the place from where the whole world can be seen

Next thing you should visit is Sky chairs which are placed just below Pancic mausoleum, on the hight of 1800 meters. Considering that this place holds vast mineral wealths, this was the perfect place to build the church devoted to miners, church of Saint Prokopije. This monument was given name by our great general Zivojin Misic. This place has a great view of surroundings so locals often say that one can see the whole world from here.

Natural wonders of Kopaonik

Kopaonik is a mountain that has such a beautiful nature that it is known far beyond the borders of our country. Some of the nature wonders that you can see here are White rocks, reservation Duboka, Suvo Rudiste, Jelak, reservation Jelovarnik, beautiful natural waterfalls surrounded by beech and maple forests. Samokovska river, Barska river, nature reservation Metodje, Gobelja, Jankos swamps, Mrkonja, Goat rocks and Vucak.
Every place has its own story, some have rare plants and animals that are almost extinct. The others are a real small nature wonders that will make you feel like you are on some other planet. Nothing will leave you indifferent.

When to go to Kopaonik – summer or winter?

The most popular opinion about mountains is that its not worth going there if there is no snow. That’s not the case with Kopaonik as it has something to offer something for everyone.
Winter sports are something that a lot of visitors practice when they come here but there are some people that don’t like snow and everything that come with it. If you are one of them, then the ideal time to visit Kopaonik is summer.
During summer it not so crowded there and nature starts to wake up as early as may. Forest tracks which lead to some of the most beautiful sights are a paradise for nature lovers. If you want to ‘refuel’ durink one of the hiking, you can eat wild blueberries, blackberries, currants which grow next to the tracks. Many families with kids can be seen during summer, as well as older people. They are hiking in search of peace and quite on the fresh air.
Besides hiking there cycling, jogging, tenis, volleyball on sand as well as enjoying in swimming in hotel pools and sunbathing on big balcones and meadows. Prepare a basket with food and water, spend a great day outdoor and relax.

Birdseye view of Kopaonik

Parasailing is something that a loot of people want to do. Once on Kopaonik, you can easily make that wish come true. Leave Pancics peak and other natural wonder below you as you go for a ‘flight’ with a professional instructor and experience something new. Besides fealing fantastic as wind is guiding you, you’ll experience new view of Kopaonik.
Besides parasailing, tourists can use motor sled and motocycle. Experience and see parts of Kopaonik that not everyone can see.

A tour of a monasteries on Kopaonik

One more way to get to know Kopaonik is to go and visit many monasteries that surround centre of Kopaonik. There are Monastery Studenica, foundation of Stefan Nemanja from XII century whit its 3 churches and number of iconostasis, frescoes and monumentalities. This building is on the UNESCKO-s list of monument heritage. Next, there is Monastery Gradac, which is placet on the side of mountain of Golija. This womens monastery was built im XIII century and tis dedicated to Helen of Anjou.
Besices these monasteries there are many other such as Djurdjevi stupovi, Monastery Koncul, Nova Pavlica, Stara Pavlica and famous, Monastery Sopocani.

Thermal springs of Kopaonik

In the wider centre of Kopaonik, there are a lot of thermal springs. Considering that, it’s no wonder that a vast number of spas is located here. Some of them are: Visnjicka, Mataruska. Sijarinska as well as Josanicka, Lukovska and Kursumlijska.

The most delicious domestic food

You can’t miss trying some of our best food im namy restaurants and taverns across Kopaonik. For people who like to eat, we recommend homemade prosciutto, kajmak and cheese, homemade yogurt and milk. Ajvar and homemade corn bread are something that will awake every apetite. Lamb specialties come great with a bottle of quality homemade red wine. There is also ribs with kajmak that are melting in your mouth. If you are feeling hungry, now you know where to eat next weeknd
If you had any dilemma about your next vacation destination, now you don’t. Kopaonik is a fantastic place for everyone and one thing is for sure, who comes once, will come back again.

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